I decided to use acupuncture therapy on my horse Yogi after he suffered a very bad tendon injury in the field. When I found Micky online we were in dire straits because despite Yogi being on 2 and a half months box rest the tendon was actually getting worse and had broken down almost completely. I was very upset and worried for him. Micky came and gave him acupuncture using a laser pen. After the first session I knew it had instantly had an effect as he became very sleepy, as if he had been sedated with drugs. After the 3rd session Yogi voluntarily picked up his bad leg for me to clean out his hoof. He hadn’t been able to do this for 3 weeks.

Micky continued to see Yogi regularly and each time he was getting a little better. The swelling, which had been out of control, began to reduce and the circulation improved in his leg. Some other side effects of his immobility were also alleviated. We’re now almost 6 months on from the injury and I have been able to start walking Yogi 2 months earlier than the vet predicted. I am certain that the acupuncture helped us greatly. Yogi also had homeopathic treatment. Micky is very professional and has a nice manner around horses. We have at least 1 more session to go and I would definitely use Micky again in the future.

Aimee Felus with Yogi