Biomolecular Therapy

Biomolecular vitOrgan Therapy makes use of natural regulatory and metabolically active organic substances which serve to stabilise the processes which have become imbalanced by disease. Causal treatment of the patient is enabled in such a way.

Following conditions respond very well to biomolecular therapy:

  • kidney problems
  • arthritis/spondylosis
  • disc problems
  • skin conditions
  • thyroid problems
  • stomatitis/gingivitis
  • virus infections

The company vitOrgan was founded in 1953 by the physician and scientist Dr Karl Eugen Theurer. He worked in the fields of genetics and develop-mental biology and was fascinated in particular by the topics of regulation and regeneration. Theurer crossed the boundaries of science to consider the significance of developmental biology in day-to-day medical therapy. Bridging the gap between both disciplines, he laid the foundation for his concept of Biomolecular vitOrgan Therapy.

More and more pet owners are looking for natural therapies for their furry friends that extend beyond the reach of conventional medicine, so this is the perfect solution. These medicines have an excellent tolerability and are very efficient especially in the long term, and are the ideal choice for treating acute, chronic and degenerative diseases.

Biomolecular vitOrgan Therapy bridges the gap between conventional and alternative medicine. It utilises natural, regulatory and metabolically active substances which are found both in humans and animals to treat disease, by physiologically stabilising the processes which have become imbalanced.

Regulating rather than blocking is the central principle of vitOrgan therapy. Treating the whole individual by applying holistic principles.

Accordingly, individual metabolic processes are not simply blocked or substituted as in conventional medicine, but rather used in a regulatory way whereby self-healing mechanisms are initiated. Sometimes stimulation is required. However, suppression may also be necessary – such as in the case of excessive immune reactions. The vitOrgan preparations, with their corresponding effects, are used to this aim. Patients become actively involved in the healing process. By applying the appropriate stimuli, cells which are no longer able to adapt to the demands of their environment, be it the result of a pathological condition or aging, can again make use of their maximum possible metabolic and/or synthesis capacity.

The idea of developing the Biomolecular vitOrgan Therapy came to Dr Theurer during his research into the field of veterinary medicine. Because of that Biomolecular vitOrgan Therapy has specially developed veterinary medicines.

Treatment is often started with a course of ten injections. After that the remedies will be mixed in a bottle of normal saline and given orally on a daily basis.