Saffie my Great Dane was diagnosed with torn cruciates and wobblers syndrome when she was 2 years old and we were told we would be lucky to still have her after she turned 3.  A year later she was very bad on her back legs, could only stand for a few minutes before collapsing down.  As a last resort I thought I would just try acupuncture.  This has been a life saver for Saffie, over time we have learnt that she needs it regularly every 4 weeks and with this amount of treatment she is about to have her eighth birthday on 02/04/2014.  Last August she developed a problem with her neck, she couldn’t even stand.  We got her to our normal vet who said she would have to be seen by a specialist as there was nothing they could do.  I texted Dr Schmidt and told her, she came the following day and straight after treatment Saffie was up and walking about.  I cannot recommend acupuncture enough it has been marvellous and because of it I still have my Saffie with me.  Dr. Schmidt is amazing at it and I couldn’t be happier with all treatments from her.

Mrs c Halliday