Dr. Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg (1905-1985) started his own practice in 1932 in Berlin. The doctor and homeopath noticed quickly the demand for natural medicines that could be used easily and effectively. In contrast to classic homeopathy he combined homeopathic remedies in an innovative way and developed a comprehensive therapy system, the homotoxicology. He founded the company Heel (Healthcare designed by nature).


  • Stimulation of the patient’s own bioregulatory processes
  • Bringing the organism back into biological balance
  • Gentle and effective natural veterinary medications
  • Can be used in small animals, horses, livestock and birds

A healthy animal has a body that is perfectly in balance with itself and the environment. However sometimes that balance is disturbed and the animal becomes ill. In homotoxicology medications gently promote the body’s processes of self-healing, helping it combat illness and recover its biological balance.

In classical homeopathy, a single medication is prescribed based on the patient’s physical and mental symptoms.

In homotoxicology combination medications are made up of several different natural substances, mostly homeopathically prepared. They have been carefully chosen and blended to stimulate various biological functions. They are then used to treat a particular condition just like conventional medications.

The specific veterinary medications are used to treat a wide range of diseases affecting animals. They have few side effects and do not impact the body in a harmful way.

That makes them particularly suitable for

  • young animals whose immune systems are not yet fully developed
  • ageing animals that have multiple medical problems
  • animals suffering from chronic illness
    • kidney problems
    • arthritis
    • stomatitis/gingivitis
    • gastritis/enteritis/IBD

Biological systems in both human bodies and larger mammals are made up of complex systems which interact with each other to maintain balance and optimal health.

In disease conditions many of these interacting systems have been thrown out of balance and need to be redressed in order to regain health. The most effective and gentle way to restore this balance is to use quality biological medicines which regulate many of the targets at once.

Plants and other biological materials possess a complex chemistry, due to the many varied elements naturally present in a given substance. By combining different plants and materials in carefully formulated combination medications, many targets can be addressed at once and restoring the body’s equilibrium. The major advantage of working with such multi-target medications is that through support and stimulation, the therapeutic results are greatly enhanced and mimick nature, while being much more gentle on the body.

Disease has been postulated to progress through various stages and pass through various tissues, from the blood and tissue fluids to the so-called extracellular matrix (the connective tissue in between cells), until it finally reaches the cellular structures of the body. In bioregulatory medicine the diseases are classified according to this progression in the Disease Evolution Table (DET). This enables the physician to construct a treatment plan according to the stage of disease progression.

By using substances in very low doses, the regulatory systems of the body are gently activated to restore balance naturally. A multi-target regulation of the disease process as intended by nature takes place.

Homotoxicology is ideal to be used alongside conventional medicine. The remedies can be injected or given as tablets. If an animal needs different medicines at the same time, the remedies can be mixed in a bottle of normal saline and given orally on a daily basis.