Laser Acupuncture

L.A.S.E.R. or light amplification by stimulated emission rays is a means of directing highly concentrated coherent light at a concise wavelength to the muscles, tissues, organs, connective tissue, formed elements of the blood and the living matrix of the body. Laser light then communicates to the cells on a very basic and powerful level.

The nature of the laser light has several facets:

  • wavelength: how much distance the wave of light is from crest to crest
  • power: the amount of force or power delivered to a particular area with laser light
  • frequency: this is the turning on and off of the laser light per unit time, in this case pulses per second

There are many reasons that the light therapy works on the structure and metabolism of living tissues.

  • effects at the cellular level: light at the proper wavelength repairs mitochondrial DNA (mDNA) and messenger RNA (mRNA), used to support and direct maintenance and metabolism in the cell.
  • effects at the organ level: combined effects of rehabilitation of cells and connective tissues repaired by laser light
  • effects at the symptomatic level: resumption of proper organ function
  • effects at the therapeutic level: as the organs heal, the sign/symptoms resolve

For animal treatments a Class 3b laser is being used. This is a low energy laser that does not cut. It gently stimulates the organs and tissues on a cellular level.

A class 3 laser can deliver laser light deep into the tissues of even the thickest areas of the equine and bovine. Treatment times for similar disease conditions are longer for the large animals than the dog and the cat.

This type of laser is used for

  • muscular problems
  • tendons and ligaments
  • stimulate healing (including infected wounds)

Laser Acupuncture

Laser acupuncture uses low-energy laser beams instead of traditional acupuncture needles to stimulate the acupuncture points.

The treatment time can range from ten seconds to a maximum of two minutes. The duration of the beam usually depends on the amount of tissue the laser must penetrate, and the power that has to be applied on a point.

Laser acupuncture is normally used to treat cats and very sensitive dogs or horses.