Our Labrador, Dillon started suffering from arthritis from the age of eight.

The symptoms were managed with medication for two years but this became less effective and Dillon was becoming less mobile. One of our vets suggested that acupuncture may help. We were reluctant to consider this at first, but eventually thought it was worth a try.

We contacted Michaela and she explained more about the benefits of acupuncture. Although still sceptical, we put our doubts aside and Dillon had his first session. We were worried that Dillon may find it painful or uncomfortable. However, Dillon settled and soon relaxed and particularly enjoyed the food treats at the end of the session! After three sessions the whole family noticed a visible change in Dillon’s mobility. The stiffness in his legs was much improved and a limp which he had had for over three months disappeared. Dillon continued with the sessions and for the last two and a half years has been having regular monthly acupuncture. In addition, Michaela also gives Dillon orthopaedic treatment (VOM) every few months, as and when he may need it.

Dillon is now twelve and a half years old and although age is against him, we all feel that the acupuncture has enhanced his quality of life and helped to manage his symptoms and we are certain that it has given us all time together which he may not have had without the treatment.

Deidre Smoker & family – Chelmsford