My 9 year old cat, Jessie was diagnosed with Feline Calici Virus in 2011. I was advised by my regular vet that there was no cure and no specific antiviral drugs available for the virus.

The only options available for Jessie were antibiotics (to treat or prevent secondary bacterial infection), anti-inflammatory medication (to reduce fever and give pain relief from oral ulcers) or steroid injections.

All of which I was not happy in giving her as I was very concerned about the problems and many side affects they could cause her. I then started looking at alternative options and discovered that homeopathy maybe the answer, I was then recommended to contact Dr Michaela Schmidt who offered acupuncture and complementary therapies for animals.

I contacted Dr Michaela Schmidt and she has been treating Jessie for the past 18 months now. I am very happy with the care Jessie is receiving, she has regular check ups and acupuncture treatment and receives a mixture of homeopathic treatment which I administer daily.

Jessie does have some good and bad days, so has regular visits from Dr Schmidt to have acupuncture and her check ups to receive her homeopathic treatment. I am really pleased with the treatment and would definitely recommend making an appointment as I know I am doing my best to ensure that my cat is able to live a good quality pain free life despite her illness.